Ten days left until the international conference “Opportunities for Heritage

Only ten days remain until the international conference “Opportunities for Heritage”!

Renowned as the essence of Arabia, Oman stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of cultural and natural heritage, weaving a tapestry of beauty. Embracing cultural diversity and fostering an environment of tolerance, Oman stands as a beacon, placing culture and heritage at the forefront of its policies.

The inaugural conference of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Management in the Arab Region will convene from 24 to 27 February 2024 in the city of Muscat. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this distinguished event, promising enriching networking opportunities and the exploration of new academic and professional frontiers. With a primary focus on harnessing the potential of heritage in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs-2030), the conference seeks to illuminate pathways for sustainable progress.

An immersive experience through a captivating field trip to some of Oman’s remarkable attractions has also been organised. This excursion promises to unveil the treasures of Oman’s rich heritage and culture, providing an unforgettable journey of discovery.

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