The Honoring of the Team Members Behind the Success of the Conference

In a ceremony held on Sunday, April 21st, the heroes behind the seamless execution of a recent conference were duly recognized for their pivotal contributions. Their tireless efforts not only ensured the success of the event but also left an indelible mark on the memories of all attendees.

A significant portion of the team comprised students, who, as part of their Event Management course, under the supervision of Ms. Jokha Al Saqri, a Research and Teaching Assistant.

Their efforts extended across a spectrum of tasks essential for the smooth functioning of the conference, from logistical arrangements to attendee engagement strategies. Despite the challenges inherent in organizing such an event, their dedication and teamwork shone through, resulting in a truly memorable experience for all involved.

The ceremony involved sharing the final feedback from the O4H participants, as well as listening to the students’ experiences regarding their involvement in organizing such an event, including the difficulties they encountered and the experiences they gained. Finally, it concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation to the students.

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